Social Media Management

The Need

In 2020 consumers of personal and business oriented products and services are among the most savvy and discerning the world has ever seen. Gone are the days of relying completely on dictating an image to convey emotions of trust and security to effect a sale. Now every customer has a voice, and they are capable of publicly communicating with brands.

While it is ideal for brands to have an in-house team of savvy social media and content creation professionals putting out copy, photos, and videos on a daily basis and interacting with their engaged community throughout as comment threads explode with questions, spam, opinions, and emojis; the reality is, not all companies are quite there yet.

  • Some companies don’t have the budget to hire a full-time dedicated team, but realize having their receptionist or bookkeeper make posts once in a while isn’t quite moving the needle.
  • Other companies have attempted to hire a dedicated individual who claimed experience, but didn’t know how to hold him or her accountable.

Wherever a brand is falling short in the digital social sphere, this is where the IGB Research expert team steps in to bridge the gap. A combined approach of regular joint strategic planning with clients, and expert execution is what we do to take a brand to dominating the conversation online, and building trust one post at a time.

The Strategy

Managing a successful social media strategy is not any different than an effective conversation between two people in the real world. It is a dynamic balance between speaking, listening, and offering value. In practice, however, it is more akin to successfully moderating a town hall meeting.

  • If a particular topic is of little interest, then nobody in town is going to show up, and no conversation is going to take place.
  • If the whole town shows up, and no moderator is present, then angry mobs can quickly form.

Neither of these are a good scenarios, and striking a balance between the two as often as possible is key.

The Data

How can a business know their social media accounts are being effectively managed? Is there data behind this? There most certainly is! We can help you audit current efforts, and devise an adjusted strategy moving forward to more effectively engage your audience, and spread brand awareness and trust.

Marketing used to be a one-way speech. The user would turn on their TV or radio, and consume what was presented to them. They would either accept, or reject the content and the publishers of that content would never know how much of what was working. The hope was just that sales would eventually roll in.

That isn’t how things are done in 2020 though. Everyone has a voice, and the brands who listen to their audience, and respond to them with answers are the ones that win hearts and minds. Those are the brands that will win the sales and the majority of the marketshare. The best part is, unlike the real world, there is data behind every interaction your brand has with individuals, and we are experts at using that data to make you better and better at resonating with your followers to turn more and more of them into customers and clients month after month.

The Results

We do social media, and filling those needs for our clients is diverse of a task as our client roster itself. We interact with thousands of people daily in behalf of our clients, and we have direct relationships with the best online influencers in dozens of verticals. Our experience, successful track record, and partnerships with the most engaged digital platforms is evidence enough that we eat this stuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Social media isn’t about building a brand, it is about building trust; a loyal following!

Let us help you build your community of trusted followers, and effectively interact with them.