Digital Advertising

The Need

Driving immediate traffic for immediate results. For most mainstream business verticals, the days of relying on organic search and social traffic to produce consistent leads and sales are long gone. In order produce consistent and reliable sales and leads, serious businesses must pay to play.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, digital ad platforms allow skilled practitioners to target specific audiences, and zero in on the exact costs of customer acquisition. That’s right. From the first lead to the first close, we immediately gain insight into which ads on which platforms work together best. This invaluable data plays a key role in guiding creative messaging and developing that relationship of trust with a growing loyal customer base.

The first question we need to answer then is; which ad platform is right place to start for your business?

The Strategy

Before any ad strategy is deployed, the IGB Research Team conducts a thorough audit of existing ad account performance to identify strengths and weaknesses. Part of this process is allocating the proper combination of search and display style ads.

Search Engine Ads

This is often the primary area of focus for businesses that offer commodity products and services that their customers and clients know to search for. Advertisers are paying to be right were potential customers are looking at the time they need them.

Whether in a B2C or B2B context, people use specific phrases to find what they are searching for and the brands that receive the most attention are those willing to pay the most per click. But the brands that win at the search advertising game, are the ones that understand bidding strategies and ad messaging. This is where the details matter, and where our services come into play.

IGB Research clients out-maneuver the competition for local and national campaigns without over-spending on ineffective search phrases, and rapidly zero in on website traffic that will turn into leads and sales.

Display Ads

Also called “interrupt advertising” they are the modern digital replacement for television and magazine ads. Interrupt ads are based complexly based around attention. As people are using their personal digital devices for entertainment, advertisements are constantly interrupting them, and even following them around as they move from one activity to another. Whether they are at work performing web searches, or at home scrolling through Instagram; these ads are highly targeted and designed to inform each user of new and interesting products & services available for them to learn about and purchase.

Unlike traditional display and interrupt advertising, the modern digital forms are highly targeted and provide precise data points to help identify the right audience for the most effective messaging. When the best combinations are reached, sales are maximized for the lowest cost per acquisition possible.

The Data

Ads that reach the right audience with the right message: There are two distinct advantages digital advertising brings to modern business that has never before been possible:

  • Targeting: Brands can reach any specific audience that engages on the same digital platform ads are placed, present them with messaging designed to resonate with that particular group of people, and wait for the results.
  • Analytics: After an adequate number of individuals in a particular audience have responded to a few key pieces of content crafted just for them, brands are able to utilize hard data from analytics tools to adjust messaging or refine marketplace offerings to achieve optimal results.

Beyond advertising analytics alone, the IGB Research Team analyzes user behavior and metrics once users arrive where ads send them.

Sometimes ads are effective at driving traffic, but the destination is inconsistent with user expectations and unable to retain sufficient attention to drive conversions.

  • Is that a result of a faulty ad?
  • Is it a poorly designed website?
  • Maybe it is bad audience targeting?

These are common questions that go unanswered even with all the right data available to inexperienced advertisers. Often, this is where the IGB Research expert team of experienced, certified web analytics professionals make all the difference!

Whatever the needs of an ad campaign may be facing, often an account audit is the first place to start. This way, all of the relevant variables are in front of the experts to analyze and to make plans for the next, best, strategic move.

The Results

Before setting out on any marketing campaign, defining a successful outcome is crucial. Whatever the the objective of a campaign is:

  • Gain Brand Awareness
  • Generate Qualified Leads
  • Grow & Increase Sales

Precision in laying out key performance indicators of a successful campaign in advance is the key to creating lasting scalable results.

After all, regardless of initial objectives and performance expectations, the ultimate outcome is to meet and exceed them by continuous monitoring and refining of campaign performance.